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Ed Smith has 50+ years of full-time business listing and sales experience!

He’s been involved in just about every type of business sales structure including cash asset sales, SBA financed purchases, seller carry purchases, lease-to-own deals, equipment leasing, leasehold interests, and more. All contacts and communications with Ed Smith’s business buyers and sellers, existing or potential, are always kept in very strict confidence. Approximately 50% or more of Ed’s business is repeat or referral.


Edward J Smith, Ltd., “Ed Smith” is a licensed real estate Broker-Salesman in the State of Nevada. Ed also possesses the difficult and legally required State of Nevada Business Broker Permit. During the last 20+ years, he has listed and sold Las Vegas businesses and business real estate at First Choice Business Brokers, Nevada’s largest business broker. This is in addition to approximately 35 years of experience in New Jersey near NYC.

Ed Smith is considered Nevada’s top business broker. He has won more top salesman awards than any other business broker in Nevada! Ed Smith has been the “Salesman of the Year” for most of his years with First Choice Business Brokers and he is the record holder for this title. In addition, Ed is the top awarded business broker in Nevada! His selling and negotiation experience embrace just about every type of business that exists. This includes but is not limited to: small and large restaurants, fast food franchises, national franchises, auto repair & body shops, light and heavy manufacturing, service industry, dry cleaning, slot taverns, tanning & beauty salons, adult and strip clubs, publishing, professional medical, legal and accounting services, health and medical services and practices, retail operations, mail box stores, limo companies, motels, multi-unit chains, and more! Price ranges vary from as little as $50,000 to well into the many millions of dollars!  Plus Ed’s earlier New York-New Jersey metropolitan area 30+ year previous and extensive background experience has always been a very strong personal and professional asset in closing sales for his clients.

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Ed Smith

Business Broker / Owner

BS.0038345.PC & BUSB.0000005

Michele Muscato

Ed’s Fully Licensed Assistant
BS.0053608.PC & BUSB.0000004
CA: 02027484

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