Why Business Sellers LOVE Ed Smith!


What’s your business worth? This is Las Vegas and I’ll bet you don’t know! Well Ed knows as he is dealing with it year in and year out! We prepare a comprehensive market price analysis!


Ed has over 50+ years of active full time experience selling businesses, commercial real estate and residential real estate! Now that’s hard to beat! Approximately 70% of Ed’s listings are referrals and repeats!


Ed is the top awarded business broker in Nevada. You only get those awards by helping the people! Ed gives his clients very personalized service and not just a computer printout!


Ed got his first 30 years of experience in lower Passaic County, Clifton, NJ. A very close suburb of New York City, where hard ball negotiating was born!

50 Offices

Ed is the senior broker at First Choice Business Brokers, Las Vegas office. FCBB has approximately 50 offices throughout the country!


This is who you want representing you in the most difficult of all brokerage sales! Especially considering the dollar difference with the right price! You get one chance to get it right!


Selling a business is like a walk through a minefield! Much different than selling your home! Landlord issues, sales tax issues, unknown liens, financial reports and many more challenges! Remember, everybody needs a home, but no one needs a business!


Ed’s marketing is virtually a tidal wave of many dedicated business websites, a large office of cooperating business brokers and literally hundreds of buyers of buyers on file who have already signed the required NDA for your protection!


Ed requires that all inquires for our listings are required to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement also known as an “NDA”. This helps protect you and your employees and suppliers from knowing that you are for sale. No identifiable wording is included in any ads or marketing material.

Get a personal consultation.

Let Ed’s extensive experience walk you all the way through until you close the sale! Call Ed Smith now! Total confidentiality!