Why it is important to buy your business with Ed Smith!


Ed takes on all of his listings personally with his extensive evaluation techniques! He lists and works on all price ranges businesses from $50,000 to $50,000,000! He shares this very important knowledge with buyers.


Experience is considered one of the most important factors when listing and selling a business.  Ed has well over 50 years of full-time active experience!  You definitely want Ed on your team!


Ed is well versed with his extensive background to be able to accurately describe to you, the buyer, what is happening during the transaction process that goes with almost all business sales!


Financing is often an important component of business purchases. Ed knows the various methods and how to explain these methods to you and how it affects your sale.


Dealing with landlords is almost a specialty all by itself.  Ed has extensive landlord experience, and many landlords already know Ed Smith, Business Broker.


Every buyer must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)!  No signature then no information is shared.  Once completed, this also sets you up to auto-receive any new listings that come in in your area of interest! The NDA does not obligate you to buy anything.


First Choice Business Brokers Las Vegas is, by far, the largest business brokerage in Nevada and we have the largest selection of business listings in the Las Vegas-Henderson-Clark County market area.  Plus, we have about 50 FCBB offices throughout the United States.


Ed Smith is the most awarded business broker in Nevada!  This comes from helping the people!  Isn’t this who you want to help you buy your business?

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