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Let Ed’s 50+ years of extensive business sales and real estate experience help you and possibly save you huge heartaches plus 10’s or 100’s of thousands of dollars or more in business and financial losses or even worse!

Please! Before you….

  1. Sign that contract to buy that business or franchise
  2. Sign that space lease for a purchase or renewal
  3. Invest any sizable amount of money into your biz
  4. Apply for any type of SBA or business financing
  5. Expand your current business facility
  6. Buy a or invest in a business for a relative or friend
  7. Give a business to a sibling, relative or friend
  8. Go into a business with a friend, relative or associate
  9. Spend any money forming a Corporation or LLC
  10. Start a new business
  11. Become an absentee business owner operator

“You cannot imagine the terrible heartache stories and horrible financial situations that I have heard about and witnessed regarding people doing any of the above. Without a second opinion, I believe you are seriously at risk based on my real life professional exposure and experience involving all of the above.”

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