Some important points to understand when selling your business.

  1. Selling a business is a “bulk sale”. Selling real estate is a “title sale”. The two sales are entirely different. Please don’t try to compare selling a business to selling you house or other real estate you might have owned. The two sales are not even close!
  2. The marketplace for selling real estate and the marketplace for selling businesses are two very different marketplaces! Just for starters, everyone needs a house, but no one needs a business! It is almost always a buyer’s market in business sales.
  3. Selling real estate is selling an established, legally recorded and has an easily identifiable published value. Selling a business is a box full of moving parts, financial documents and with little easily if any identifiable value.
  4. Selling real estate, historically, has little liability associated with the transactions. Selling businesses, historically, has a very high potential for liability. To the point where many national real estate companies don’t allow business sales.
  5. In Nevada, there are no bulk sale laws! For a business owner to try to attempt to sell his or her own business without the assistance of a Nevada licensed business broker is like walking through a mine field!
  6. By far, most business sellers have little or no idea as to what documents, reports and other information is required to sell a business. Ed Smith, Business Broker, offers a free, no obligation, list of this material to any seller who calls or emails Ed.
  7. Sellers often think they can save the brokers’ commission by trying to sell their business privately. Sellers have a slim to no chance of accomplishing this task. Offering particulars to potential and unknown buyers, is foolish and dangerous!
  8. Unbeknown to the average business seller, there are good buyers, so-so buyers, bad buyers and dangerous buyers out there. You don’t know the difference, Ed Smith does. We review the buyer and require a signed NDA before the buyer knows anything about the business including the name and address!
  9. As a next step, you need to call Ed Smith, Business Broker. Having a free, no obligation meeting with Ed will certainly give you the proper direction with the benefit of Ed’s over 5 decades of full time hands on broker experience!

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