Whether you are a first-time buyer, or a successful seasoned veteran of business sales, it pays to have an advocate protecting your best interests. First Choice Business Brokers is the largest business broker in Nevada with billions of dollars in businesses in businesses listed to date. Ed Smith has been actively involved in the industry for over 50+ years. Where else can you find this kind of experience to assist you and the selection of businesses offered to you for sale? It is important to note that well over 50% of Ed’s business is repeat and referral business in every price range!!!

Featured Services to Buyers:

  • Negotiation: Business owners are best at running their businesses. At First Choice, we are tops at negotiating the best deal possible for a buyer’s purchase of a business. In every price range, it is important to have someone looking out for your best interests. Remember, we do this for a living and you don’t!
  • Escrow: We close all sales through a title/escrow company. Remember, in Nevada, there are no Bulk Sales Laws to protect the parties to the transaction. The only thing standing in between you and helping to protect you from disaster is your Business Broker, Ed Smith!
  • Paperwork: Our Asset Purchase Agreements (Contracts) are considered the best in the industry. They include everything Buyers and Sellers want and need for their protection, such as a Covenant Not to Compete and Buyer Training Period from the Seller(s), as well as contingencies for Due Diligence, Lease Assignment, and Franchise Transfer Requirements contingencies to protect you, the buyer!.
  • Due Diligence: You are protected by the Due Diligence provision in our Agreements. This give you a period of time to review all the books and records for a past period of time in order to help verify the income and expenses claimed by the seller. If by chance you find a “rat in the wood pile” (which is very seldom), you can simply give written notice to cancel the sale and request a return of your escrowed earnest money.
  • Lease Assignment: This is a critical area for many deals. The assignment of the existing lease or negotiation of a new lease is vital to a business deal. After all, if you can’t lease the space, why would you want the business? There are no cutting corners when it comes to your lease. We will have landlord lease assignment approval for you in writing before closing escrow.
  • Franchise Approval: This is another very important aspect of a deal when dealing with franchises. The franchise must be transferred to the Buyer. We work directly with the Area Developer or Corporate to ensure that buyers qualify for and obtain franchise transfer, from the FDD to the closing table. We, and/or franchise headquarters, also work with the seller to assure that he or she is compliant with corporate required upgrades in order for franchise transfer approval. We encourage direct buyer communication with the various franchisors as often costs and details change without us being informed.
  • Seller Carry Financing: In most cases, there is no bank and S.B.A. financing available for assisting you in purchasing a business. We will help you negotiate the possibility of the seller carrying a note as part of the purchase of the business.

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